[Discussion] SAFE Token Utility

Thanks for spearheading this important initiative, @Steven and @lukas.

I have some small comments, but overall, I believe this write-up is sufficient as a guideline on Token utility now and in the future to move this toward a vote soon.

While the current utility is essential to a token economy’s health, overall market conditions play a critical role. As the market has grown significantly over the past months and SafeDAO has progressed on all fronts at a comparable pace, I feel this is the right moment to move towards SAFE transferability and continue to grow SafeDAO.

Comments on the thread :raised_hands:

  • I’m still fully aligned with the Strategic Pillars and have been pleasantly surprised with the progress on the first two pillars, as OBRA coordination and governance have been smooth and engaging.

  • Focussing the Protocol around Abstraction seems the best (and possibly only) strategy to grow towards Billions of users. However, as I mentioned during the initial Safe tokenomics call, I believe that in the short to medium term, we should leverage the Multisig (Wallet) element of Safe more and aim to monetize that in an efficient way to supercharge the development and growth of the Safe{Core} Protocol.

  • Keeping Token Utility outside of this initial proposal seems like the right approach, given Token Utility is highly evolutionary and market-dependent. We only need to kickstart the process now and continue to iterate.

  • I like the concept of the Safe Activity Program, but I am worried that it could be “farmed” by unaligned groups. Instead, we could start with a smaller and more focused program around activating the Guardians and Delegates, potentially leveraging some of the tools being built in OBRA season 1/2 (such as Hats and Ecosystem Accounts).

  • In relation to OBRA, I have some years of experience running DAO treasuries and am a big
    advocate for having Stablecoins in a Treasury to reward contributors. A healthy share of DAO holdings in Stablecoins guarantees development and maintenance potential without creating a dependency and adding pressure on the Native token. I believe SAFE should be rewarded primarily to long-term, value-aligned stakeholders - as a reward for the impact they have generated for SafeDAO (comparable to RPGF of Optimism).

  • It’s essential to ensure SafeDAO has a pathway toward acquiring sufficient Stables to guarantee at least three more seasons of OBRA (~60 weeks). Different paths exist to accomplish this Stablecoin position, and the Transferability moment seems like a critical opportunity to do this. Options include
    A) The Safe Foundation allocating a Stablecoin budget to SafeDAO,
    B) A portion of SAFE from the Treasury being put for sale through an Auction, or
    C) SafeDAO hosting a small treasury diversification round, allowing qualified groups to acquire SAFE tokens under conditions that align incentives for the coming years.

I’ll attend the Tokenomics call tonight, and am eager to continue iterating in the coming weeks!