[Discussion] [OBRA] Develop Ecosystem Accounts on Optimism

Aligned Strategy: Increase awareness of Safe Ecosystem
Funding Request: 37,500 USDC, streamed over 16 weeks with a 4-week cliff
Relation to Strategy budget: 15%

Ecosystem Accounts aim to create blockchain-native accounts on top of Safe{Core} Protocol that recognize and reward meaningful on-chain participation. The initial implementation, Superchain Accounts, will be built with Superchain Eco as a design and development partner, focusing on custody of data and identity to attract and retain many OP chain native users to Safe{Core} Protocol. The initial development and campaign period is 16 weeks and will run on the Optimism Mainnet.

Metrics and KPIs
To measure progress toward the implementation of the intent and its effect, we’ll measure:

  • Superchain Accounts Created: Measure the number of Superchain Accounts created.
  • EOAs connected: Measure the number of EOA accounts connected to Superchain Accounts.
    Average transaction count per Account: Measure the average number of transactions per Superchain Account (the current average on OP is low at ~5).
  • Weekly retention rate: Measure the number of active accounts weekly and as a percentage of total Superchain Accounts.
  • Participation in campaigns: Measure the number of participants and total activity in the Superchain Campaigns.

Initiative Description
Safe{Core} Protocol aims to bring digital ownership of accounts to everyone by building standards for the custody of digital assets, data, and identity. The UX innovation enabled by smart accounts is yet to be experienced by most digital asset users. Given that Safe wants to spearhead an open and modular Smart Account framework, getting users and developers excited about its capacity and bought into Safe{Core} is essential.

Building simple, blockchain-native solutions that leverage current user-activity patterns is a solid way to acquire and retain many users. Native projects and projects with a primary focus on one specific blockchain network, such as Velodrome on OP, GMX on Arbitrum, and Benqi on Avalanche, can attract significant blockchain users and ecosystem resources.

On-chain Points and other forms of user rewards have gained traction rapidly across Web3, even making their way into CEX platforms like Crypto.com. Rewarding users for on-chain actions is a great way to increase utility and drive the growth of Safe{Core}.

By creating native Ecosystem Accounts that gain perks over time, we can increase the use and retention of Safe Accounts and put them at the center of users’ Web3 interactions.

The initial Ecosystem Accounts product will focus on merging on-chain activity data (with some identity elements) and leverage the account recovery, gas abstraction, transaction batching, and automated payments to create a highly engaging ecosystem native account that shows and rewards on-chain activity on allied chains.

The initial Ecosystem Account, Superchain Account, will be developed with Superchain.Eco, a platform accelerating the adoption and development of the OP stack, as a design partner. The solution will leverage previous technologies built by Kolektivo Labs, including evolving NFTs with Snapshot voting power, a non-transferable points system, and a raffle game.

Once Superchain Accounts have significant users and are deeply ingrained in the native networks, we can expand the use case toward becoming the primary wallet for on-chain custody of assets, data, and identity and expand Ecosystem Accounts to more native networks, such as Polygon and Celo.

Superchain Account User Journey
Below is an initial user journey created together with the Superchain.Eco team.

As an OP Mainnet or Base user, I can create a Superchain Account on OP Mainnet and claim evolving badges and Superchain Points according to my on-chain account history on these networks. Claiming Badges and Superchain Points will be smooth and free due to the gas and signature abstraction functions enabled by Safe Protocol.

Based on my Superchain Points, I can increase my Superchain Rank, an evolving NFT that grants voting power in the Superchain Eco snapshot strategy (already built) and the right to claim weekly raffle tickets in the Superchain Raffle.

Below is a lo-fi mock of Superchain Accounts; a detailed prototype will be shared at the end of the Design phase.

Current Status
The funding will be used to develop the first version of Ecosystem Accounts. The initiative will leverage in-house developed technology and Superchain’s existing network and resources.Eco to speed up development and accelerate the go-to-market effort.

Risks of the Initiative
Below are the identified risks and how we mitigate them:

  1. Risk of suboptimal execution of the intent: Safe has to trust that the contributors can complete the proposal successfully to avoid losing resources. This risk is low, given the contributors are Safe stakeholders (delegates) and the funding is streamed, which means if no meaningful progress is made in the first weeks, it can be paused.

  2. Risk of deliverables not accomplishing results: There is the risk that Superchain Accounts, or the broader idea of Ecosystem Accounts, do not lead to meaningful adoption and retention of users. To mitigate this, Superchain Eco functions as a distribution partner and has set aside some OP tokens to incentivize early use from their RetroPGF share of 30,000 OP. The Superchian Accounts initiative has also been submitted as a Season 5 Mission Request by a Top 100 delegate of Optimism, potentially leading to Optimism Collective co-funding the growth of Superchain Accounts. Finally, we will record key metrics and create a Report at the end of the intent project to back up and improve our approach.

Milestones and Timeline
Below is a breakdown of the milestones and associated budget for developing the first version of Ecosystem Accounts and running an initial campaign. The initiative has the potential to be co-funded, as Superchain Eco has submitted a Mission Request to Optimism Collective.

Milestone Description Duration
1. Design and Specification Collaborate with Superchain Eco and the Safe ecosystem to finalize the Technical specification and design of Superchain Accounts. 2 Weeks
2. Development Develop the required smart contracts, UI components, and documentation, and run various tests. 7 Weeks
3. Deployment Launch the final product after testing and updates. 3 Weeks
4. Campaigns and Results Conduct a 1-month-long campaign with weekly raffles to accelerate meaningful participation and produce a Superchain Accounts case-study report. 4 Weeks

Initiative Lead
LuukDAO, an existing Safe Delegate, experienced product developer, and founder of Kolektivo Labs, will lead the initiative. He will play the role of Product owner and project manager to ensure the timely and successful delivery of the initiative.

The team will consist of active Kolektivo Labs members with experience developing and launching solutions together.

  • Web 3.0-native designer who previously built applications leveraging evolving NFTs, a raffle game, and DEX functionalities and data.

  • Tech Lead who developed the initial Badges Safe module in 2021 and has over 3+ years of experience developing Web 3.0 solutions.

  • Senior smart contract engineer with 2+ years experience working on DeFi and cross-chain protocols.

  • Front-end engineer who has shipped over 5 Web 3.0 projects in the past two years.

Additional Resources
No additional resources from the Safe Ecosystem Foundation or the Core Contributors are requested.

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