Confusing default option (pay later) when creating a new Safe

I’m resonably regular user of Safe, mostly due to Gitcoin and different rounds on different chains.

Right now I’m testing some stuff and noticed the PAY LATER option selected by default:

I understand that address creation is deterministic, based on the address, not storing nonce in cookie / localStorage, so it is reliable.

At the same time: PAY LATER is an advanced option, for advanced ADVANCED users, those who who know what they are doing and have a specific need.

For regular users of Web3 = everything is already “a little bit complicated” and adding extra layers of :magic_wand::tophat::sparkles: is counterproductive. I’m also assuming that if someone is in a mood to create a new Safe they usually some native asset (most commonly ETH) handy to pay for gas.

Tried to break stuff

Opened a new browser profile: pay later gets me the same address, nice, it works.

But it means that I can have only 1 Safe created using pay later.

Tried pay later with 2 signers

You clearly thought about various use cases. I still believe that the default option should be “just deploy now”, no need for extra :magic_wand::tophat::sparkles: unless advanced ADVANCED (not default) use case and specific need.

Of course words of praise. Safe is epic. Deploy later option is cool. I was just confused at first… Next, next, next and I was surprised to notice such a default.