[SEP #X] June 2023 Vote to Enable Token Transferability

The time to enable transferability is now. Even more damaging than the economics of a bear market, participants in the DAO are beginning to doubt and clarity of purpose is being diluted and lost.

People have rewards they cannot sell. People have no onramp to a project in which they desire to participate (if they even still desire to do so). I participated in the MakerDAO community during pandemic lock down, and there were many different view points, but anyone, it seemed, had access to participation and everyone had a vision of moving the DAO forward.

Possible Alternatives: None if this organization truly intends on operating like a DAO.

Why would a token be created with transferability disabled. What information is missing here?


Up for this its been a long month no update when is trabsferability of the token

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Hello ! I may upload this sep , @Adrian_Hacker if you want and people want .

@Andre I want you comment , we wait more 1 years , i dont see progress in DAO building , all process work very slow , locked transfer its bad for our DAO more people want join to us but cant buy tokens on DEX/CEX . We may wait more years for “done” but other DAO start very fast , optimism start 3 waves airdrops , we cant start freedom token , maybe we make mistake ?)


Hello all ,

It looks like community is pissed and most of the milestone before transferability were reached.
Shall we move this SEP to snapshot ? Does anyone have enough tokens to do so ?



One years later since the safe token launched…

Hi @Bruce and @Billion ,

While it’s understandable that you and some other members of SafeDAO have strong personal opinions on the transferability, the discourse in this thread feels isolated from the rest of the conversations within SafeDAO. The majority of the conversation in this thread revolves exclusively around the non-transferability itself, but there is no constructive discussions what fundamentally changed so that some milestones from SEP #3 should not be applicable anymore.

Instead, numerous members of SafeDAO are dedicating their time and effort to progressing our milestones and work on drafting proposals, giving feedback and showing up on governance calls (here are all the participants and the notes from the last one). This is where we are standing:

With regard to the argument that no new members can join us, there are paths forward even before transferability:

  • SEP #6 mentions the possibility for a retroactive token allocation for SGP Wave 1 participants
  • 50% of the non-redeemed user allocation is outstanding and could be used to allocate the token to users that have not claimed their first airdrop, users on different chains or otherwise

I’d like to invite both of you, and anyone else interested, to our next governance call on Tuesday, 26 September from 7-8pm CET. We’ll be discussing the resource allocation framework in detail.

We’ll also extend the call by 30min (8:00-8:30pm CET) so we have dedicated time where you can raise any concerns with SEP #3 or the milestones overall.