[SEP #3] Towards clarity on milestones before voting on enabling transferability again

wow it’s really nice

Really appreciate the active discussion here, and I think it’s important to recognize Safe’s status as the current state-of-the-art solution that is used by many parties in the ecosystem storing billions of dollars.

I believe we are on a good track to pick up the Transferability discussion after the achievement of all pre-agreed milestones.

Until then I feel our mind space is much better spent on moving the discussion of Token Utility forward.


:100: @bernard, Focusing on token and protocol usability is the most productive focus of time and energy currently. Lukas’ Smart account fee engine (SAFE) draft is a great place to start providing feedback for those looking to contribute.


Utility comes from the things that are built on top of the safe token.

In order to attract builders the token must be transferable.

When is the vote to unlock transferability?


Right now, as a company, we don’t have the option of having MORE of a say in Safe governance, despite us using the product nearly every day.

Ideally things move forward and transferability is activated. We need more active voices and dynamism in the DAO. We can’t get that by allowing things to stay static.