Safe DAO <> Gnosis DAO Joint Treasury Monthly Reporting


Following the passing of [SEP 24] , karpatkey began the active management of the Safe DAO <> Gnosis DAO Joint Treasury (JT).

Since this time, karpatkey has assisted with the initial Token Tranferrability Event (TTE) and has begun including the Safe DAO <> Gnosis DAO Joint treasury in our public reports.

Recap of Token Transferability Event

A summary of the actions taken in the days since the SAFE Token Transferrability Event (TTE) and the initiation of the Joint Treasury can be found in this Safe DAO <> Gnosis DAO JT Initial Report.

Monthly Treasury Reports

In accordance with this core unit’s requirements, we will provide links to the updated report monthly on this thread beginning May 2024.

The reports will include:

  • links to the JT multisigs;
  • total token balances;
  • positions and DeFi strategies;
  • treasury utilization; and,
  • yield statistics.

Note: Reports will be continually available on the reports section of our website.


The April 2024 JT report is live and can be accessed on karpatkey’s website.