Safe Community Call #9

Hey fam,

Get ready for the Safe Community Call #9 next Monday! We’ll be discussing updates from SafeDAO Governance, Grants Council Election and have an exciting demo from BrahmaFi.

:calendar: Monday - Jun 19, 2023
:alarm_clock: 4pm CEST/10am EST
:envelope_with_arrow: RSVP: Webinar Registration - Zoom

Looking forward to seeing you there! :slight_smile:


ICYMI: Watch back today’s awesome Safe Community Call #9 where we covered:

‣ Grants Council Election :ballot_box:
‣ SafeDAO Governance :green_heart:
‣ Safe Ecosystem Spotlight: BrahmaFi :joystick:

Till the next one! :rocket:

Watch here: Safe Community Call #9 with Brahma Fi Console - YouTube

Links from Call: safecommunity | Twitter | Linktree