How Gnosis safe make money?

How does Gnosis Safe make money? Are they charging fees for each transaction or just from opening a multi-signature wallet?

Safe is completely free to use, except gas fees from the corresponding blockchain.

The constitution proposal includes a principle to define and preserve the Safe protocol as a public good.

There are early conversations around token design and token utility. One of them has recently been published as a proposal which you can see on this page listing all proposals with the tokenomics tag:


The protocol needs to generate profit somehow to receive investments and pay certain business streams (e.g. customer support), how does it do that? What are income streams for safe?

The protocol and Safe Ecosystem Foundation (SEF) currently do not generate revenue. The community’s plan is to make the SAFE token useful so that it has value within the Safe ecosystem. SEF has raised capital from investors that believe in the mission of building decentralized tools for owning digital accounts and assets.

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