How can a Safe hold asset on multiple chains?

Wow really cool didn’t know about this one thanks for sharing !!


Thanks for the explanation @alextnetto.eth.

The Safe core team has outlined some of the downsides of creating multinetwork Safe accounts using the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) counterfactual deployment (CREATE2) opcode:

  • Not possible to have the same address on non EVM networks
  • Assets can mistakenly be sent to the wrong network
  • Network bridging complexity
  • User management complexity

It was great to learn more about Klaster’s multinetwork Safe approach today with CCIP by viewing their demo and talking to the team. The UX is off to a great start.

There are potential opportunities for Safe grants program wave 2 funding this year, OBRA funding, and any future versions of the LongHash:Safe accelerator program or other initiatives like it.


  • Create accounts used across multiple networks from an existing Safe account
  • The Klaster account creates a main account that manages multiple networks
  • The main account can be from any supported network
    • The main account is created from an existing Safe on the same network
  • Create multiple sub-accounts for different uses from the same main account
    • Approval accounts only need to be updated once from the main account
  • Lower transaction (txn) fees (In-progress 2024-01-09)
    • Lower gas fees by creating an intent from the main Klaster account that is finalized on a layer 2 (L2)

To research

  • CCIP network security and decentralization
    • The number of validators
    • Geographical distribution of validators
    • Technical requirements of validators
    • Profitability (An indicator for sustainability): Fee revenue generated compared - Operating costs

I’ve updated the multinetwork Safe open info with the above.

Nice solution. I’ve just shared it: Telegram: Contact @climatecoordinationnetwork

(haven’t tested but looks robust and I’ve seen someone else already using it)