[Discussion] [OBRA] Roles {Wallet} Integration Phase 2 + Pilot - Gnosis Guild

Initiative Title

Roles {Wallet} Integration Phase 2 + Pilot - Gnosis Guild


This initiative aims to bring access control to a broader range of Safe users by adding a graphical role management interface into Safe{Wallet} and enhancing the Pilot browser extension to support complex execution setups, improving overall efficiency and UX.

Aligned Strategy

Wildcard strategy

While this initiative builds upon the module work from SEP 14, we are categorizing it under the wildcard strategy because it’s focused explicitly on improvements and integrations to the Safe{Wallet} ecosystem, as well as the innovative setups made possible only through Pilot. This initiative emerged as an opportunity resulting from our previous OBRA work, aligning with the flexible and adaptable nature of the wildcard strategy.

Funding Request

$100k USDC

If Applicable, Upfront Funding


Relation to Budget

100% of Wildcard Strategy

Metrics and KPIs

  • Increase in TVL in Safes with Roles Mod (Roles) enabled

  • Increase in Total number of Safes with Roles enabled

  • Increase in user engagement with Pilot

Initiative Description

During our previous OBRA initiative (SEP 14), we completed an initial integration of the Zodiac Roles Modifier into Safe{Wallet}, allowing for seamless execution of Roles transactions directly from the Safe{Wallet} transaction flow. As part of SEP 14, we enabled the creation and management of role configurations through the Zodiac Roles Safe app. Being designed for technical users, this app supports the Roles mod’s full range of capabilities and an advanced permission management workflow.

For this initiative, we want to make Roles more accessible to a broader range of users through a graphical role management interface, natively integrated into Safe{Wallet}. We already carried out research and design mockups for this extensive Phase 2 integration, which enables the user-friendly creation and editing of Roles directly in the {Wallet} settings page. In this initiative, we will develop, test, and integrate this mockup flow into the {Wallet} interface.

Additionally, during our work on Pilot, we identified improvements to be made to enhance the set of supported execution routes, including nested Safes, stacked Zodiac mods, and Safes as modules. Pilot is the execution interface for Roles but currently only supports the basic setup of EOA member β†’ Roles mod β†’ Safe. We plan to allow more complex setups, such as EOA owner β†’ Safe as Role member β†’ Roles mod β†’ Delay mod β†’ Safe. This enhancement will greatly improve the efficiency and UX of complex, nested Safe setups, opening up a landscape of novel configurations.

Current Status

Roles and Pilot both exist and are widely used β€” this initiative would expand their capabilities.


One risk is that the SEF {Wallet} team could block the Phase 2 integration of Roles into the {Wallet} interface. We have been mitigating this by gathering internal feedback and support for the initiative. Prior to kicking off the work, we would request full confirmation that all parties are on board with the initiative as described.

Timeline and Milestones

Week Focus Outcomes USDC
1-8 Design, Development, Testing User-friendly interface to create and manage Roles directly in Safe {Wallet} settings page 80.000
6-8 Development, Testing Enhanced set of supported execution routes and streamlined UX through Pilot (the execution interface for Roles) 20.000

Initiative Lead

Gnosis Guild


Gnosis Guild would assign a full pod (two engineers and one designer/PM) to this initiative for 8 weeks.

Additional Support/Resources

Feedback and confirmation of our Phase 2 design mockups to develop and complete the integration.

Implementation Dependencies

Approval from SEF {Wallet} team for the Phase 2 integration.

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