[SEP #5] Redistributing Unredeemed Tokens From User Airdrop Allocation

Hi @cedricoo, unredeemed tokens go back to the SafeDAO treasury

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Hi, how do users become eligible for SAFE governance tokens?

Update on the latest redemption stats:

Redemption rate: The ratio of redeemed tokens to the total redeemable tokens stands at 30.56%.
Wallet participation rate: 34.93% of eligible wallets have redeemed their tokens.

Redemption period ends in 42 days on 27 October 2023.


they are all good if you ask me


Is claim the same thing as redeemed?

You need to claim any amount between the start of the redemption period and the end (until 27 October) to redeem the full second user allocation.

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Update on the latest redemption stats:

Token redemption rate: 39.33%
Wallet participation rate: 41.19%

Redemption period ends in 24 days on 27 October 2023.


:rotating_light: Reminder: There are 4 days left to claim your second allocation of SAFE tokens before Oct 27, 2023, 10:00 UTC.

To redeem, execute a claiming transaction of any SAFE token amount through the SafeDAO Governance App: http://governance.safe.global

Read more: SAFE SEP#5 allocation redemption deadline (27.10.23 10:00UTC) | Safe Help Center

Below are the latest stats:

Token redemption rate: 47.97%
Wallet participation rate: 50.03%


do you agree that the Safe Team should consider dispersing the allowed remaining tokens for this claim period to the active claimors? it appears we will have a 40% amount of tokens allocated for users to be uncalled for…


Suggest reassigning unclaimed tokens to already claimed addresses!


To clarify, the Safe team (Foundation or core contributors) is not in charge of the allocation of the treasury of SafeDAO. This is solely under the scope of governance of SafeDAO.

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The redemption period is over and we have the final numbers:
Over the last few days we’ve had a major push and we almost hit 60% redemption rate. Thanks to everyone involved!

Token redemption rate: 58.05%
Wallet participation rate : 59.08%


It seems I missed my redemption because of misinformation in the pop-up message in my safe on specific details of the redemption deadline.

It’s 27/10/2023 where I am right now. Any assistance in helping me redeem my tokens would be greatly appreciated. My orientation was the pop-up message in my safe which did not state a time and time zone only the date of redemption. It is 27/10/2023 21:03 PM where I am right now. :frowning:

Very sad and unpleasant situation for one who has seen and used the Safe solution (When it was still Gnosis) and greatly appreciate and believe in it. I Have tried it in a real world scenario, it worked perfectly and ever since I have constantly been talking about it to people around me. An ambassador you might say😔

You’re an evidence :receipt: that if redemption date was made a whole year, some people will still miss out.

Time zone or not, you don’t have to wait for the due date to claim, this has been up for good 90 days.

Feel good to raise a proposal seeking the unredeemed tokens distributed to suite those who miss out like you


I totally get your perspective. Happens.

Awesome. Thank you for sharing this. How close are we to getting the transferability unlocked now?

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SEP #5 didn’t have anything to do with the milestones to vote again on transferability. The ratification of the governance framework [SEP #7] on October 20 completed another milestone pursuant to SEP #3.


With the complete execution of this SEP and the redemption of Allocation A this thread will be closed. The allocation of the remaining half (Allocation B) needs a separate proposal, see below:

Should such a proposal be initiated, it should be discussed in a new thread and according to the new governance framework.