[SEP #3] Towards clarity on milestones before voting on enabling transferability again

Hope so, as @theobtl on a career break, have to wait for his comeback safedao milestone to make progress.

@Boris, Did Theo communicate publicly that he is on a career break? According to his LinkedIn it seems he’s still at Safe…

Not publicly discussed, but he updated the info on his twitter bio.

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So why doesn’t someone else take over if this guy is on a career break?

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From my understanding this morning the position has been filled and the new SEF member is being onboarded. Hopefully SEF will make an official update to provide more information.


Maybe we should just write proposal seeking Milestone D removed.

It’s annoying to see the last time someone talk about it was 7 months ago (9th February)


Hi @CaptainTee, check out this thread. Resource allocation framework is in Phase 0. We also had a governance call last week on Discord where we’ll post the notes.

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maybe ask the guys to make an empty repository (e.g. for storing fundamental documents… whatever). and use a task manager to organize these processes and to track them transparently… would it be much clearer? It’s just that we realize that right now there is no one place that describes all the current relevant problems that are not solved by the community and/or team / foundation and so on.

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Hello, Guys , Any news ??



Following up here with a progress overview of the milestones. We’ll maintain this thread up to date and as a central place for all discussions around them.

Milestone A “The claim period has passed”
Milestone B “An SEP on a constitution proposal has been ratified”
Milestone C “An SEP on a governance framework has been ratified”
Milestone D “An SEP on a resource allocation framework has been ratified”: Resource allocation framework is expected to be voted on with the new governance framework in Season 1, Sprint 1.
Milestone E “An SEP on token utility has been ratified”

We’ll also add this to the governance hub as a task board as suggested by @RSivakov.


Thanks for stewarding this important process @Andre - have the dates for Season 1 been decided on and communicated yet?

I want to mention again, that the closer the Seasons allign with existing yearly Quarters, the better IMHO (for planning and tax reasons).


The dates for Season 1 have been decided on in the governance framework, see Section D.II and E.II.

  • Each season consists of 4 sprints
  • Sprints have a duration of 4 weeks (Season = 16 weeks)
  • All relevant deadlines always end on Mondays to ensure predictability,
    • Submission to Phase 0 and Phase 1 (relevant for proposal authors),
    • Signaling on maturity (relevant for guardians and delegates) and
    • End of voting period (relevant for token holders and delegates)

While a season doesn’t precisely align with the standard yearly quarters - especially since we commence mid-year - it strikes a balance between predictable, fixed weekday deadlines and sprints that come close to a month’s duration.

The exact dates for Season 1 - Sprint 1 can be found in the Governance Hub under :date: Governance calendar.


SAFE is one of the most important and valuable components of the blockchain industry and yet most don’t even know about it because it isn’t transferable or tradable. The bull market has all but returned and now is the time to make it happen. If we simply enabled a basic governance framework to build upon and enabled transfers, the entire ecosystem would blossom much faster than its current pace. It would wake the world up to the fact that SAFE is essentially replicating the Oracle model and one of the most valuable companies in the entire industry with close to $70 billion of assets in custody and about 75% of the de-if market Developers and Institutional $ would pour in. What it being considered right now for governance? Could SAFE use a blockchain built simply for governance purposes? If so, I can help make that happen, my company has one with governance capabilities that’s ready for public testnet


Hello @Andre , hope you’re doing well.
Milestone D reached quorum and otw to get accepted , can we involve more people into SAFE Token Utility Proposal ?
We need active discussion as it is the last and most important topic before we enable transferability , your participation would be really appreciated.
Regards :slight_smile:


wow it’s really nice

Really appreciate the active discussion here, and I think it’s important to recognize Safe’s status as the current state-of-the-art solution that is used by many parties in the ecosystem storing billions of dollars.

I believe we are on a good track to pick up the Transferability discussion after the achievement of all pre-agreed milestones.

Until then I feel our mind space is much better spent on moving the discussion of Token Utility forward.


:100: @bernard, Focusing on token and protocol usability is the most productive focus of time and energy currently. Lukas’ Smart account fee engine (SAFE) draft is a great place to start providing feedback for those looking to contribute.


Utility comes from the things that are built on top of the safe token.

In order to attract builders the token must be transferable.

When is the vote to unlock transferability?


Right now, as a company, we don’t have the option of having MORE of a say in Safe governance, despite us using the product nearly every day.

Ideally things move forward and transferability is activated. We need more active voices and dynamism in the DAO. We can’t get that by allowing things to stay static.