[SEP #3] Towards clarity on milestones before voting on enabling transferability again

[SEP #3] “Towards clarity on milestones before voting on enabling transferability again” is now on Snapshot and open for voting until 27 Dec, 11:36 UTC.



Following up, this list grew into a more detailed table which we’ll share through a blog post in early January including graphs, analyses and commentary. Since this proposal will have ended by then, the post will also analyse voter participation in SEP-3 next to SEP-1 and -2.


sir you have already launched the vote in the snapshot, if the 3 option wins then how long will it take to do the work according to your conditions, Hope you don’t have to wait much longer?

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That’s impossible for me to say. It depends how long it takes SafeDAO and everyone here to achieve these milestones.


It seems to me that people in our community need the opportunity to observe and track the status of the tasks we have chosen as a roadmap.

This is necessary so that people do not feel “lack of information” about the situation. Transparency. Agency. Does anyone have any ideas on how to organise it?

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We (1kx) would like to signal our intent to vote for option #3 of this proposal. Token transferability is a pivotal moment in the creation of a new DAO, and the decision should be undertaken with the utmost care to the state of the organization. A constitution, governance framework, plan for resource allocation, and token utility are all important considerations before proceeding. Similar to how a nation-state would not launch a currency prior to formation of a constitution, we believe that DAOs should look to ratify many of these key components as a community before rushing to enable transferability. Each has a reason for being included as a milestone:

  • A constitution and governance framework will dictate the DAO’s operating model going forward. It’s best to get this decided upfront with the stakeholders that have been purposely selected to receive non-transferable tokens for their contributions to the Safe ecosystem to-date before DAO membership becomes more fluid.
  • A resource allocation plan will decide appropriate expenditures and policies. It’s not news to anyone that ongoing sustainability is a core challenge within DAOs, especially when policies are undefined. Before potentially becoming clouded by market-assigned values, we should seek to build a framework from first principles.
  • Utility will underlie the inherent value of the token network post-transferability. Without an understanding of how the token will be integrated and used throughout the Safe ecosystem, it will have no clear purpose. We want to ensure that the long-term value and vision is appropriately communicated to the broader community before the token goes live.

Additionally, we believe transparency is fundamental to the proper functioning of a DAO, so going forward we’ll signal how we plan to vote in advance and publicly provide our rationale. We hope this results in other large token holders doing the same so that we can bridge the information chasm between stakeholders and build a stronger community founded on trust. We encourage public discourse and will make our intent known as soon as possible within the decision-making process so that we can collectively collaborate on the best outcome for the DAO.


Thanks for making this exemplary steps. It is indeed a bold and thoughtful move.

I hope other large token holders could follow this pattern till transferability is enabled which will make the token to be balanced in the interested hands


I don’t seem to see the relevant proposal of Milestone C-D-E,we should establish relevant discussions on these issues

Expressing opinion as regard to the relevance of Milestones is good but I guess this is late already as the #proposals:seps 3 has already been voted and passed with Option 3: All Milestones being favoured.

I personally think what needs to be criticized is the fact after 1 month this #SEP 3 has passed, none of the Milestones stated has left a proposal stage to SEP talkless of going to the main field (snapshot)

If we are moving at this pace, I don’t see all these Milestones completing till October.


Hello @theobtl ! Do you have news on this topic since last month ?

Which topic do you mean?

If you mean updates regarding this proposal: Voting ended on the 27th Dec. Option 3 “won”.

Here the link: Snapshot

@theobtl Should we start posting links to snapshot as soon as the votes are set-up? Would make the UX better. Been looking for the links many times myself.

Agree, I’ll start posting a comment once an SEP is live on Snapshot, another comment when the results are in (similar to OP, BitDAO). Alternatively or additionally, I could also edit the main proposal and add a Snapshot link up top (like ENS does it) for even more visibility, but that would change the proposal edit history and might be confused with contentual changes.

For now, I’d suggest I post just comments in each SEP in phase 2, but happy to discuss and iterate. Example below:

This proposal [SEP #3] Towards clarity on milestones before voting on enabling transferability again has moved to phase 2 for a Snapshot vote:


Start date of the vote: Dec 20, 2022, 11:36 AM UTC
End date of the vote: Dec 27, 2022, 11:36 AM UTC

Following the Snapshot vote, the quorum was met and the proposal was accepted with “Option 3: Milestones A, B, C, D and E”, whereas:

  • Milestone A: The claim period has passed
  • Milestone B: An SEP on a constitution has been ratified
  • Milestone C: An SEP on a governance framework has been ratified
  • Milestone D: An SEP on a resource allocation framework has been ratified
  • Milestone E: An SEP on token utility has been ratified

Is there a post discussing the governance framework here? The current governance process is so inefficient that it is a bit depressing. I think before reconsidering the distribution of unclaimed tokens, maybe the improvement of the governance framework will be more important, just like [SEP#3] as stated in Milestone C. “Suggesting a strategic, high-level approach to SafeDAO’s governance principles, processes and choice of tooling” should probably be at the top of the forum discussion, maybe someone can open a thread for a related discussion.

There is not yet a mature proposal on a governance framework yet, as some underlying questions around SafeDAO’s scope of governance are still unclear. When it comes to smaller fixes, that may be worth a stand-alone proposal at this point before we get to a more extensive, SafeDAO-customised governance framework later.

For those smaller fixes, I created a thread here for us to collect problems and discuss what should be improved with our governance process:


Hi, are there any further discussions or actions planned to enable transferability in the near future?


Agreed, hope for more milestone updates, especially the governance framework :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you for writing this! That was exactly my thought too.

The current status is as follows:

Milestone A: reached - Claim Period has ended in December 2022

Milestone B: reached - Constitution was accepted by DAO vote [SEP #4] SafeDAO Constitution

Milestone C: in discussion - Towards a Governance Framework for SafeDAO

Milestone D: in discussion - [Discussion] Safe DAO Resource Allocation Model (OBRA)

Milestone E: in discussion - Token Utility: SAFE Token Utility Proposal

Feel free to contribute where you best seem fit. All help is welcome. :slight_smile: