[SEP #2] Community Initiative To Unpause Token Contract (Enabling Transferability)

A little digging shows that the two safe contracts share an owner — which is also a safe contract

  1. 0xfB2aD9007F2D62a973f71Af206242eE4bD790b2C
  2. 0x7c3d54Be8dD9946dA59feD648bfAD294ae17105E

  1. One of the owner addresses —0xD7Df130531Ef4fADF91Fa16D96fa3C49358A7AD1— of the shared owner safe has a txn on Gnosis Chain for a dAppCon ticket, being one of 35 addresses holding one of these. It was organized by Gnosis DAO.
  1. One of the addresses hasn’t done anything: 0x3242071b0b406B6661AF2dE1115CD46567Ab0917

  2. One of the other appears to be linked to Gnosis Multisigs: 0x9F7dfAb2222A473284205cdDF08a677726d786A0