[SEP #2] Community Initiative To Unpause Token Contract (Enabling Transferability)

I’ve removed the offensive words, apologies if you feel offended. @theobtl @lukas

For you and lukas, we are not enemies.

Before this FTX bankruptcy, I withdrew all my crypto assets from CEX to my SAFE, in fact I trust this product quite a bit.

It’s just that during the governance process, I feel quite powerless and exhausted.

You should know why I am angry, DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), but from the current situation, the voting rights are quite centralized, and the governance process is strongly dependent on the team (theobtl) to advance, so SafeDAO really cannot be called DAO at this stage. .

I acknowledge the great contributions of the Guardians, and they are mostly relevant industry experts, so I endorse their votes (except corbin and realshelbyt).

But you must understand that everyone is not a fool. In this vote, two addresses have a voting power of 12M, and only 32M participated in the vote, which means that this vote was almost decided by 2 people.

Some people are inconvenient to criticize you, but everyone understands that this is dictatorship.

Investors can sell tokens for profit, which they deserve, but when investors have too much voting power, the entire product is jeopardized. While Safe Team assigns decisive voting rights to investors, some investors choose to remain fair (such as @pet3rpan-1kx ), and some investors do not realize the impact of their votes.

The result of this vote is make no changes, and I agree with this result.
But this obviously can’t be called a DAO vote, it’s not a fair vote.

Given that the current token distribution has been fixed, Safe Team’s previous mistakes are irreversible.
I suggest to consider an effective scheme to achieve fair DAO voting, splitting the voting of normal users and investors/guardians, the specific scheme still needs to be discussed. You can refer to Optimism’s gov system.

Under the existing proportional distribution of voting rights, the problem of unfair voting will exist for a long time, and SEP2 only highlights the seriousness of this problem.