Safe Grants Council - Support Thread

Placeholder for support questions around the grants council elections and grants program.


I read through the docs and it’s great to see all of the details come together @1sla.eth!

A. I noticed ​​the question What types of grant applications would you like to see? is a part of the template in the Safe Grants Nominations post and not included in the Candidate Proposal Instructions.

B. Here’s why I’d make a great Grants Council Reviewer and Vote for me because seem similar. It could be good to specify further differentiation between these questions.

C. Is it possible for those running for a council reviewer role to also create a grant application if they do not win the role position? The results of the council election are Jul 5. If this is possible would a grant applicant submit a grant application before Jul 5, or wait until the election results on Jul 5?

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Hi Adam, thanks for much for your :eagle: eagle eyes, have amended the Notion to reflect full template.

On your question. I’d like to revet back to the team, as I have a view on this but want to make sure I have the full picture.

Will revert tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Thank you for following up on this tomorrow!

Another question I have feedback on is Here’s why I’d make a great Grants Council Reviewer and Vote for me because seem similar. It could be good to specify further differentiation between these questions.

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Fair point, the idea here was to get a short version of the person’s unique / stand-out qualities, qualifications / beliefs that might differentiate them from other candidates.

You’re right that this could be clearer. Will refine :slight_smile:


Last thing (for now :slight_smile:), I like the word limit guidance defined for Here’s why I’d make a great Council Reviewer and Snapshot short intro. It’d be useful for both applicants and those reading and voting for similar word limits on the rest of the responses.

  • Do you have a technical background?: People can go into a lot of detail here or provide a high-level depending on the guidance.
  • Vote for me because: From your answer above it seems like it’s good to keep this similar to the intro length.
  • ​​What types of grant applications would you like to see?: This could be as detailed or brief as defined too.

Hey Adam,

With regards to your question on grants reviewers being able to apply for grants. We’ve discussed internally and felt that for wave 1 the drawbacks of reviewers being able to apply for grants outweigh the benefits.

For wave 1, we have limited funds and expect there to be quite a few applicants since this program has been long-awaited. With the grants being weighed up not solely on their own merits but potentially also based on relative impact vs other applicants, there’s a particularly high risk of conflicts of interest, if grants reviewers also apply for grants.

Therefore, the view of the team is that grants reviewers in the wave 1 council, will not be able to to apply for grants during wave 1.

Thanks for the great questions - keep 'em coming.

Happy Weekend. :green_heart:


Hi @1sla.eth, thank you for initiating the support thread. I have a minor query about the word limit specified in different sections of the application template. I’m curious about how strictly these limits are enforced. For instance, I’ve noticed that some applicants exceed the set limit. Just wanted to understand your position on this matter and adjust my application accordingly.


I personally didn’t have an opinion on strictly enforcing for most sections. I think people will find it harder to read and process applications that are too long, and that the council election may enforce the rules automatically, simply by voters choosing applicants who make their points clear and digestable for the community. If it becomes an issue, happy to revisit this opinion.

The word limit for Snapshot will be strictly enforced.

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Hello everyone!
My team wants to submit a proposal for Safe DAO grants program.
I see the form called “expression of interest” but as far as I understand this is not a formal grants application. Can you please guide me where can I find the right form?

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The expression of interest form was for before the applications launched. Checkout the CharmVerse for all of the details on how to apply.

@adamhurwitz.eth I faced the same question when I visited the Safe Grant page cause most of the threads direct to this page and there’s no Charmverse link there.

I suggest adding there (or changing “the expression of interest” link to the Charmvese form

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Thank you @Liorg and great find! I messaged the team to update the correct CharmVerse link.

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The link has been updated.