New governance framework and start of Season 1

Today the new governance framework enters into force. For this, the forum structure was adapted to represent the three different phases from proposal to voting:

You can find all details about the proposal submission process under :surfing_man: Governance overview in the SafeDAO Governance Hub.

The relevant :hourglass_flowing_sand: deadlines for Season 1 / Sprint 1 are the following:

  • Monday, 30 October 2023 - 0:01 UTC: Proposals can be submitted to Phase 0 [relevant for proposal authors]

  • Monday, 6 November 2023 - 23:59 UTC: Deadline to submit proposals to Phase 1 to be considered for this sprint [relevant for proposal authors]. Only proposals submitted before this deadline will be considered to move on to Phase 2.

  • Wednesday, 8 November 2023 - TBD: Proposal review call

  • Monday, 13 November 2023 - 23:59 UTC: Deadline for signaling maturity moving to Phase 2 [relevant for guardians and delegates]

  • Thursday, 16 November 2023: Phase 2 Voting starts on proposals

  • Monday, 27 November 2023: Voting ends

You can find all relevant dates in the new :date: governance calendar.


:mega: New proposal in Phase 1: The resource allocation framework was moved to Phase 1 yesterday: [SEP #8] Outcomes-based resource allocation framework (OBRA).

:calendar: Next steps + timeline
Tomorrow, November 8, 5pm UTC - X Space to present the resource allocation framework:

Until Monday, November 13 - Signaling of guardians/delegates on maturity to move proposal to the voting stage (Phase 2). Here are instructions how to signal maturity:

:ballot_box: If the proposal moves to Phase 2, voting starts on Thursday, 16 November and ends Monday, November 27.


To make sure I understand the new template @Andre, [Template] Safe Ecosystem Proposal (Season 1), is for phase 0 proposals under the newly proposed governance framework.

Proposals that complete this template and continue to progress their project idea will then create an official Safe Ecosystem Proposal (SEP), [Template] Safe Ecosystem Proposal Template?

This template [Template] Safe Ecosystem Proposal (Season 1) is optional for Phase 0 and mandatory for Phase 1.

As for the other template, [Template] Safe Ecosystem Proposal Template , it is deprecated. I had moved it to Archive, but will also change the title to clarify.

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[Update on voting dates for Sprint 1]

Due to specific operational requirements set by our Snapshot space, we have made some minor adjustments to the timing of our voting process:

  • Voting start: The voting will start on Wednesday, 15th November 2023. As proposals will be uploaded one day earlier and there is a voting delay of exactly 24h, the vote will start between 11pm and 11:59pm UTC. The exact time will be visible on Snapshot.

  • Voting duration: The voting period is 12 days.

  • Voting end: The voting period ends Monday, 27th November 2023 between 11pm and 11:59pm UTC. The exact time will be visible on Snapshot.

This schedule represents a slight deviation of around 30-60min from our initially outlined times in the governance framework (see below).

The reason for this change is to comply with the Snapshot settings of our space: For security reasons our space enforces a fixed voting period of 12 days instead of allowing proposer’s to individually choose the voting start and end date when uploading each proposal. Therefore the voting starts around half an hour earlier on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

In the future to align this with the governance framework, we would need to add a range to the deadline and could consider this clarification as an amendment for the governance amendment period.


[Proposal moved to Phase 2]

The following proposal reached the threshold of signalling according to the governance framework to move to a voting stage: [SEP #8] Outcomes-based resource allocation framework (OBRA).

Below is the relevant timeline for voting: